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Don't Walk Away Pt. 1 (Newt Scamander X Reader)
Why do I say
Don’t walk away
You’ll be the way you were before
When you don’t want me anymore 

                The year was 1926. The day was the most significant of your life, though it seemed quite the opposite when you first pulled yourself out of bed in your seedy room and readied yourself for work. Dragging a comb through your hair, you stared out the window, wishing you didn’t have to go to your job, but your parents were quite adamant about it if you were to inherit anything. Life as a bank teller certainly wasn’t glamorous, much less enjoyable. 
                Forgoing a dress for loose pants (if only to irritate your parents) and a crisp (f
:iconalekiel-faith:Alekiel-Faith 15 4
Gigglewater (Newt Scamander X Reader)
a.n: april fools yall my joke today is actually posting a fic
You're not quite sure how it happened but somehow Queenie had convinced everyone to go out for a drink at a bar. It wasn't exactly going to go very well; Jacob is a No-Maj and has no idea what's happening around magic, and you, Tina and Newt were much more reserved than Queenie. Also, none of you were really huge drinkers anyway, and Queenie said that everyone should have a night to "Let loose some stress!", with a flirty wink.
And so here you were, sitting around a circular table watching the rest of the wizarding public go by, ordering drinks, sharing laughs, feeling more socially awkward than you have in months.
Queenie and Jacob had already had drinks of firewhisky and butterbeer, both of them shyly yet shamelessly flirting back and forth, laughing louder with the amount of drinks they had. Newt and Tina were in a deep discussion about magical creatures and his new boo
:iconsweetiu:SweetiU 43 3
Elegant [Prof!Newt Scamander x Prof!Reader]
AU where Newt Scamander is a teacher at Hogwarts during the Golden Trio area.
Newt really did surprise himself by accepting the job as a professor at Hogwarts. After finishing his book he had planned on continuing his adventures and find more creatures, but as it turns out, his book was a massive hit, and not only were they going to use his book in schools all over the world, but Albus Dumbledore himself had personally come to ask the Magizoologist to take up the new teachers position.
As Dumbledore had said “Why settle for a good professor when we could have the best?”
Newt was flattered and accepted, probably more so because he didn't know how to turn the old man down than wanting to teach children. The ginger man did however make it clear that he would keep his suitcase with him, and refused to leave his creatures behind. Dumbledore had agreed, but only if he would be allowed to pet some of the beasts within the case. Newt often found the old man to be very
:iconnixdex:nixdex 157 24
Pirate!England X Reader

It was the year 1588, You walking in your local market, looking for some food that you could cook for dinner for your family. You were an only child, and you weren't too fond of your family! 
It was actually just you and your dad! But he always had this temper problem when your mom left when you were a little girl. It devastated you to see your mother leave! You can barely even remember what she looks like! 
So right now, its just you and your father. Your dad has always had this drinking and anger problem  But to some it all up, you could say he's bipolar. So whenever he's sad, he thinks drinking will help. And honestly you hate it when he drinks! Thats when the real anger comes out. He's tried to move on, but just couldn't. 
Many times your father has hit you! Through either, anger, frustration, or confusion! Mostly when he's drunk. He's slapped you, punched you, punched you, cut you, and even lock
:iconxxpuffinxx:XxPUFFINxX 404 54
Mature content
Pirate! England X Reader (Part 2) LEMON :iconxxpuffinxx:XxPUFFINxX 269 68
The Virginity Talk - Prussia x Non-Virgin!Reader
Author's Note - This isn't the kind of story where Reader-Chan is a virgin, and is wanting to wait until marriage for sex. So if you want something like that, look somewhere else. 

"Hey, (Name)?"
"....are you a virgin?"
(Name) froze, her eyes still glued to the TV screen in front of her. She had been in the process of channel flipping when her boyfriend, Gilbert Beilschmidt, had asked her that question, out of no where. Her arm was outstretched, grasping the remote in her hand, and her eyes grew wide. Her expression was one of complete and utter shock. Slowly, and almost comically, her head turned toward Gilbert, staring at him. 
If the personification of the ex-Nation Prussia had not been an albino, his blush wouldn't have been that noticeable. But he was, so it was. To put it simply, his face looked like a tomato. His eyes were still trained to the TV, determined not to look at her.
Finally, she managed to say somethi
:iconladyoflegends:LadyofLegends 452 98
Mature content
To Stop Time - Act II (ch 13) :iconverloreneprinzessin:VerlorenePrinzessin 18 12
To Stop Time - Act II (ch 12)
Your former still figure began to shift and turn as you murmured soft sounds of distress, muffled by your restless sleep.
"...Shall we try this again..?"
All you could hear were the whispers, the cries, crowding your mind, spilling out of your subconscious, filling your very being.
"'For the better'...?! What makes it so much better?!"
Sweat began to accumulate on your forehead as you continued to fidget anxiously.
"I think you need to go."
We can try again if you want, (f/n)...
"It just makes me so damn pissed! He not only closed the school, but he hurt my friends, too! That asshole--!"
You gritted your teeth, grasping at the silk bed sheets.
It doesn't have to be this way, (f/n)... we can try again.....
"Bon's in a better place..."
You trembled, the blank and distant expression
:iconverloreneprinzessin:VerlorenePrinzessin 16 22
Prussia XWife!Reader ~Unexpected Awesome: Ch3~
Well, that little 'punishment' that happened multiple times led to you getting pregnant.  You and Gilbert were so happy!  When you skipped your period, which was supposed to be a week after the first day that (b/n) went to school, you got worried that there might be something wrong with you.  So you went to the doctors and they told you you were pregnant.  
You were so happy that you called Gilbert as soon as you got out of the doctors and he was already home hugging you happily.  When you told (b/n), he blinked confused at first, but after a little explaining aboutt brothers and sisters he got it.  The look on his cute little face warmed your heart so much.  You'd heard from Lili that sometimes kids don't like having another baby in the house due to the fact that they were the only one, but you caught (b/n) one day making space in his room for the incoming baby.  
A couple months passed and you were starting to show, get cravings, get mood swings, and get the morning sickness...  Yay.
:iconmoongodesslover:moongodesslover 88 37
Prussia X Wife!Reader ~Unexpected Awesome: Chptr2~
It was like a living hell during the years before raising him on no knowledge at all, but it did get easier for Gil and you after a couple months.  A billion diapers, baby food, and nights of no sleep later,  (B/n) was finally able to go to school, and your doorstep baby was five years old and ready for kindergarten.  
Of coarse before this, you had taught him yourself on numbers, the alphabet, and eventually he reached a third grade level.  Even though he was this smart, you and Gil decided that putting him through the hell of re-learning everything would be fun.  Oh how you loved your little baby~
He would be going to The School of Hetalia.  It was really big being as it was K-12 grade.  When you told your friends you were admitting (b/n) they were so excited.  Their little ones were going to be in the same grade!  And (b/n) was already friends with them so you knew he wouldn't be alone on his f
:iconmoongodesslover:moongodesslover 117 81
Prussia X Wife!Reader ~Unexpected Awesome Ch1~
You were walking home from the store in your (f/c) dress, humming a song that you loved.  It was a nice summer day out.  Not to hot nor humid.  There was even a gentle breeze!  You were getting to the chorus of the song when your phone rang in your purse.  Moving the bag you held to your right hand, you took your phone out of your purse to see a picture of you and your hubby.  Gilbert was calling.
You two have been married, yes, MARRIED, for almost a whole year now.  And there was no doubt that you were still in the newlywed/ honeymoon stage.  No matter what, if the two of you weren't together, you'd always be texting like kids in high school.  
Your friends thought it weird, and your friend (Friend name), even asked you one day.  "Isn't it annoying to always talk to him while your out even if you see him everyday?"  You only grinned and shook your head.  You loved ta
:iconmoongodesslover:moongodesslover 195 63
Mine-Demon!Prussia X Reader-Ch.2
Demon!Prussia X Reader
Chapter 2
Author's Note!: Chapter 2! I'm pissed! I got half way done with this chapter, ready to post, for my computer to decide to screw up! I had to restart the fucker and I didn't even save the chapter! God, I am pissed. Anyways, enough swearing, Gilbert took you back to his world, the Night World. Or Underworld if you want to be technical. But yeah, so here we go! Oh and I'm also taking a vote! Should this story have a lemon? If yes comment 'HELL YEAH!', if no comment 'NOPE!'. The most voted answer will win!
Gilbert: Doesn't know his own age .-.
Darkness is all (F/n) could see as she began to awaken, everything from a few hours before feeling like a strange dream. There wasn't any way a demon would have picked her as his mate, it impossible! But why did it seem so... real? And what was she laying on that was so soft?
Opening her (e/c) eyes slowly (F/n) blinks them, trying to erase the fuzz from her sight. Once she could see straigh
:iconx-saviour-x:X-Saviour-X 345 249
Mine-Demon!Prussia X Reader-Ch.1
Demon!Prussia X Reader
Chapter 1
Author's Note!: So I posted a journal a few nights ago about wanting to make a Prussia X Reader and Demon won! So here we are! I LOVE Demon!Prussia so I'm gonna enjoy making this! X3 OK so this will take place in olden times, like when cities and stuff were called villages, women wore dresses everywhere, and people bathed in their underwear. I'm not going to have it all be in Shakespear writing, don't worry. XD So let's hop to it!
The mayor of a little town called 'Shadowhall' sauntered back and forth in his office. Sweat covered his forehead as he felt his heart thump quickly. Oh he was in trouble, so much trouble. He owed a demon, the demon of the town, a gift. Why? Well after the opposing town had attacked the whole place was in shambles. So the mayor saw no other way out. He summoned the demon, calling the white haired male with ruby red eyes to him and begging him for help. The demon thought hard on it, asking what he would gain in ret
:iconx-saviour-x:X-Saviour-X 406 185
kinks, huh? // {rin okumura}
{ rin okumura x fem!demon!reader }
warning(s): none.

            “Riiiiin,” the Earth Demon droned playfully.  “What are you making?”
            Whatever her boyfriend was making smelled temptingly sweet.  (Name) chewed on her lower lip; one little look couldn’t hurt.  Slipping over to the stove, the demoness attempted to peek inside the door.
            (Name) jumped back as a hip squarely blocked her view.  She straightened up, glaring at her boyfriend while resting her hands on her hips.
            Her earthy tail swished back and forth as she pouted.  “Why must you always be so secretive when cooking for me, Rin?”
            The half-demon turned his h
:iconbat-clawz:Bat-Clawz 184 15
Mature content
Mephisto Pheles x reader: ~By the principal(lemon) :iconeva006:eva006 277 111
Amaimon x Blind! Reader
Amaimon's P.O.V
"Weeeee!" I yelled as I hopped through the trees in the woods. My brother was off doing something so I had some time to myself. I sprang up once again and noticed a lot of demons surrounding a house. I landed on the ground and looked in the direction of the house. I could hear the sound of demons laughing. Must be some spectacle. I would hate to miss this. I walked over toward the house. ( this but with more trees) I could hear the sound of a man and a woman arguing. It was coming from the room most of the demons were peering into. Some of the others had moved up stairs to the only room up there with a light on. I stepped into the clearing the house was in and listened again. "I can't believe you!" I heard someone scream. It appeared to be a woman. I quickly hurried up to the door. The steps under me creaked loudly with every little step. I peered inside through a cra
:iconnightmare418:nightmare418 24 20


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